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OV3 Media LLC Team



Chad Riba brings 36 years of musical experience to OV3 Media LLC. His live music experience via cover bands includes stints in Wheeling, WV and the Cincinnati, OH/Northern Kentucky area. Musical genres include Country, Classic & Southern Rock, Modern Rock, Blues and Pop. Other ventures have included fill-in guitarist and acoustic music for weddings (upon request).


Chad excels in musical arrangements - with the ability to write specific parts, provide guidance for musical direction, as well as handle improvisation. He has the ability to read and write in music notation and tablature, chart out parts for songs, and is well versed in the use of Nashville notation.  

Over the last 5 years, Chad has expanded his experience to the recording and production side of music and can assist customers in the following areas:

  • Podcasting

  • Music Arrangement

    • Recording

    • Mixing

    • Mastering

  • Session Guitarist

Using shared storage media (OneDrive, Google Drive, and multiple external hard drives), Chad has developed the capacity to work with clients in other cities and states to provide a collaborative recording and production environment. He has also developed a portable studio setup to increase his flexibility to travel and record where his clients are located.  


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